Our Services

Award-winning, professional garden and landscape design

Our services may differ from other designers, but we are a professional and creative garden and landscape design practice based in Kent, working across the UK and overseas:

  • we can help you, the Client, realize the garden or landscape that you have always wanted;
  • we can shape and firm your ideas into an organised, meaningful plan that works for your space, your needs and aspirations;
  • everything from planning through to the implementation of a project is carefully managed to ensure that all aspects of your garden are perfect for you;
  • we deliver a professional, bespoke design service and, if required, a carefully managed project, set within an agreed timescale and to cost; and
  • we offer a wide range of services – everything from garden and landscape consultancy to master planning, landscape management, full design and implementation.

The Garden Design Process:

1. An informal discussion to talk through your requirements.

2. Our services begin with an Initial Consultation to discuss and exchange ideas. We assess the conditions and possibilities of the proposed site.

3. Upon commission following a signed agreement (details can be found here) a full Site Survey is undertaken.

4. When we fully understand your requirements we present you with a Design Brief and then a Concept Plan, including an Inspiration sheet or mood board with Colour Palette. This is an essential stage as it reflects the style and shape of the proposed garden, hard landscaping (decking, paving, raised beds, water features) and planting areas. It represents a general, proposed concept design. This is also the time for you to finalize the budget for the design.

5. You will then be provided with visualisations, either computer generated or hand-drawn, following the agreed upon Concept Plan. (CAD visuals provide you with 3D renderings and walk-throughs.)

6. Once every element of the garden has been carefully considered, a Master Plan is presented, showing detailed, scaled elements required to construct the design – normally a scale of 1:25, 1:50, 1:75 or 1:100. (Planting Plans are the next stage.) A Lighting Plan and Irrigation Plan can also be designed. We can then work with you, or independently, to put your work out for Tender. Mark Lane Designs can then project manage the contractor(s) or leave this entirely with you, with guidance from us.

7. The final element of the design process are the Planting Plans and the Planting Maintenance and Care Schedules. This is an essential part of the process and requires careful consideration. Plants are selected to match the theme and requirements of the garden – both aesthetically and functionally – reflecting your preferences, the garden’s location, soil types and light conditions. Great care is taken to ensure that the Planting Plans provide interest throughout the year. The number of plants are then presented as a list for costing and ordering purposes, and detailed Planting Maintenance and Care Schedules are produced so that you can care for the plants throughout the garden’s life-cycle.

8. Your vision becomes a reality to use and enjoy for years to come.

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Planting Design and Planting Plans

If you only require our expertise to carry out planting design and planting plans for existing or newly created gardens, we offer the following:

1. Full or partial planting designs;
2. Planting up designed schemes;
3. Renovation of existing planting areas;
4. Plant sourcing;
5. Detailed Planting Maintenance and Care Schedules.

Call us today on 0800 222 9057 or email hello@marklanedesigns.com

For examples of our residential project please visit here