Gardening with Disabilities Trust

Gardening with Disabilities Trust, Mark Lane, Trustee and Co-chair

Gardening with Disabilities Trust, Mark Lane, Trustee and Co-chair






Mark is a Trustee and Co-chair of Gardening with Disabilities Trust. The Trust gives out small grants to people who suffer all kinds of chronic disabilities – mental and physical – to help them get gardening again, because we believe in the therapeutic powers of being outdoors, getting stuck into a bit of planting or weeding or growing.

I am delighted to be a Trustee and Co-chair for Gardening with Disabilities Trust The grants that are given out to individuals and groups really make a difference. It doesn’t matter what level of ability one has, there is a gardening task that anyone can do, and we know how important gardening is as a social and therapeutic therapy. Living with a chronic illness / disability can be debilitating, but if we can make a small change to someone’s outdoor space and get them gardening again, then they will reap the mental and physical benefits

If you need help then please get in touch with the charity. All requests are managed by the Executive Committee and are independent from the Trustees. Proof of eligibility is required when requesting a grant.

Making magical moments in the garden is priceless, but help is often required.

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