YouTube channel announcement

YouTube channel by Mark Lane

Hi everyone,

I have just launched my new YouTube Channel

Please take a look.

Every week I shall be sharing Gardening Tip Videos and every Saturday morning at 11:00 GMT I shall be streaming a LIVE Gardening Clinic where you can send me your gardening questions. I shall cover: how to deal with plug plants, how to care with them and grow them on; when and why to use plant supports in your borders; taking basal cuttings; planting summer bulbs, such as Gladioli and Dahlia; dividing perennials and making more plants for free; how to deal with self-isolation and grow your own veggies and fruit during the uncertain times of coronavirus and covid-19; taking time in the garden to help improve your mental and physical health; taking cuttings; sowing seeds; compost making; mulching; feeding the soil and much more…

Please send me your questions to [email protected] or wait until my LIVE Gardening Clinic to send me your questions direct.

In addition to my YouTube Channel you can watch the LIVE Gardening Clinic on Twitter (@MarkLaneTV) and Facebook @landscapedesignmark