See the article about Mark, his career and more in Kent’s Index Magazine

A new article about Mark’s career, garden design work, BBC work and personal life is revealed in Kent’s range of Index magazines. ‘Design for Life’ looks at Mark’s low points as well as his high points and charts Mark’s change of career path into landscape and garden design. Several of Mark’s designs are showcased in the magazines. The article also looks at Mark’s passion for plants and how they helped him turn a car crash into a positive spin, launching a new way of life that feeds Mark’s creativity.

“You never know what life has in store; events that can seemingly spell disaster can sometimes have a silver lining that isn’t obvious at the time. Seventeen years ago Mark Lane was enjoying a successful career in publishing in London, until a car crash which led to him needing spinal surgery, which was unfortunately complicated by being born with spina bifida, resulted in him being unable to get around without the use of a wheelchair…”