Partners to strengthen your business

How can partners and partnerships move your business forward? That’s the topic for this podcast episode featuring Mark Lane from Mark Lane Designs.

Partners and partnerships are working with anyone from another business, whether that’s a supplier, contractor or anyone else! There are so many different types of partnerships which help your business to move forward, even voluntary work is a partnership that helps boost your business’ image.

So what do you do first?
Go and talk to someone, or email someone, because those questions you have may lead on to some good things (there’s no such thing as silly questions). The worst thing they can say is no and if they do – it wasn’t right, someone else will come along. Find the right partners to work with.

Mark wrote letters to Prince Charles, Dan Pearson and other garden designers for advice when he was starting out and got replies! You have just got to shoot your shot and the worst thing that can happen is they won’t reply, and that is no loss for you! Write a letter or an email, not too long, send it out and see what happens.

But what if your dreams are too big?
Never limit your dreams! Mark Lane’s goal was to be a well known garden designer and now he is on the BBC – never thinking that he would be on TV.

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