Gardens and Health Week: new film for Leonard Cheshire

Mark Lane teams up with Leonard Cheshire and the NGS

Mark has made a short film to coincide with Gardens and Health Week, run by the National Garden Scheme, and is delighted to be designing a sensory garden for Leonard Cheshire’s Agate House. Mark says, “Gardens and Health Week and Gardening is a great way to reduce stress levels… your breathing [will slow down] your muscles in your shoulders will relax and your eyes will have a rest from… computers, mobiles and other electronic devices.” Mark continues, “Gardens that are fully accessible help bring communities together, help tackle isolation but above all are great fun and incredible for both mental and physical wellbeing. It’s also easy to garden on a budget, even for free. And if I can do it, so can you. I’m really proud to be supporting Leonard Cheshire’s work with the National Garden Scheme and Gardens and Health Week to spread this important message and make gardens and gardening more accessible for everyone. No matter your ability everyone can garden.”

Laura Crandley, Executive Director of Partnerships for Leonard Cheshire, “We’re absolutely thrilled to have Mark’s support and together we plan to show that gardens can provide opportunities for everyone, whatever their ability.”

George Plumptre, Chief Executive Officer of the National Garden Scheme, “Gardens and Health Week: It is fantastic Mark Lane is teaming up with Leonard Cheshire — and as an individual who opens his garden to the public under the National Garden Scheme, he is the perfect advocate of the positive effects of gardens on mental and physical wellbeing.”




Gardens and Health Week, which started in 2017, run by the National Garden Scheme, is between the 18th and 24th of August. Private and public gardens across the UK open for worthwhile causes, such as Leonard Cheshire, Marie Curie, The MS Society and other charities.