Modern London Garden

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Client: Chelsea modern London garden
Project: £100,000+

We were looking for an award-winning garden designer, and were absolutely delighted when we found Mark. He understood right from the start what we wanted. We love holidaying in the Mediterranean, and so we wanted to bring a piece of the Med back to London. Mark’s design is sleek, modern, low maintenance, and incredibly beautiful. Family and friends are amazed by how much bigger the garden looks. It looks twice the size and twice the width. Simple clean lines, which come to life at night time with hidden lighting make this the perfect entertaining space. It is a our green oasis to relax in, and we cannot recommend Mark Lane Designs Ltd high enough. We have raved about him to friends and family, and although we had a good budget, Mark was always mindful of keeping within it and to schedule. Mark surpassed all of our expectations. A huge thank you.