New-build Contemporary Garden with Glass Walkway, Chelmsford, Essex
New-build Contemporary Garden with Glass Walkway, Chelmsford, Essex

New-build Contemporary Garden with Glass Walkway, Chelmsford, Essex

New-build contemporary garden with swimming pool, glass walkway and large steel architectural feature

This new-build contemporary garden measures 13 metres long by 11 metres wide, but by offsetting the garden design by 25 degrees a sleek, dynamic is created. A large steel architectural ‘pergola’ with large spans cross the garden creating an exciting contrast to the otherwise almost square plot. The pool measures 10 metres by 3 metres and is a resistance-swimming pool.

The client wanted to use as much of the space for entertaining, so a glass walkway, which appears to float across the pool leads you to another seated position, looking back towards the house, and also doubles up as additional ‘floor’ space for parties. The real-look, anti-slip composite decking blends with the wooden floors inside, while the bi-fold doors create that indoor-outdoor feel.

This new-build contemporary garden has been designed as an outdoor room with sofas, chairs and a dining table. The louvred fencing is bespoke and made of galvanized steel with a matte dove-grey paint finish. A large wall at the rear of the property, finished in the same render/stucco of the house forms a focal point, while contrasting beautifully with the louvred fencing.

This contemporary garden really comes to life when shadows are caste across the garden. The architectural ‘pergola’ adds height and provides the dramatic shadows across the planting, decking, bubbled glass and paving.

The planting in this new-build contemporary garden is naturalistic with a mix of herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses. Three trees, Heptacodium miconioides, add additional height and jasmine-like fragrance.

Large matte white planters are set within the planting, as well as on the main deck area, to lead your eye around the garden.

To tie in with the architecture and the architect’s material choice all hard-landscaping materials in this new-build contemporary garden are blended for a cohesive, harmonious feel.

The open-plan living inside with contemporary furnishings is brought outside in a seamless way.

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