Adidas Headquarters Concept, UK.

Concept plan for Adidas headquarters in the UK. A well-being garden for staff and visitors and social events.

Primary School, Worcester, UK.

This design is for a school that educates primary school aged children with a range of moderate and severe learning difficulties, and profound and multiple learning disabilities.  The sensory garden is to be an interactive space that can be accessed by all children in the school.  It therefore has to stimulate all the seven senses, including the vestibular and proprioceptive senses.  The area for the sensory garden measures 9 m x 23 m. This is a garden about texture, sound, movement, balance. This is a garden to encourage attention, foster curiosity and increase opportunities for movement. The design is for all visual planes: up, down, side-to-side, near and far.

Beijing International Horticultural Expo 2019, Submission.

An exciting opportunity to submit a design for the first ever Beijing International Horticultural Expo 2019, with an expected 16 million visitors. ‘Through the Mist’ looks at the effect of pollution, from cities all over the world, on our flora and on our own health and well-being.

Preparatory School, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

An existing area within the playground is to be transformed into a ‘Faith Garden’ where pupils can learn about all religions, as well as music and art.  This essential play space and outdoor learning environment will offer pupils more opportunities to play safe, feel welcomed, while also being attractive, exciting and educational.

Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Kent, UK.

To create a new outdoor space in an incredibly awkward area between buildings where a large A/C unit is housed. Seating for staff and patients, abundant planting and screening will be ‘squeezed’ into a long rectangular space, working with an existing newly laid pathway and edging.

Great Sankey, Cheshire, UK.

A large (2,600 sq m), wildlife, naturalistic community garden on a triangular traffic ‘island’ green.

Pilgrims Hospices, Canterbury, Kent, UK.

A re-design of the existing gardens that wrap round the entire site, making sure access needs are accounted for, especially for bed-bound patients.

Show Garden Concept.

A fully inclusive garden for all abilities and disabilities with a contemporary design and abundant naturalistic planting.

Strode Park Foundation, Kent, UK.

A sensory garden for a large disability charity. The creation of a new garden; to unite a new hydrotherapy pool to the large parkland beyond.

Orchard School, Canterbury, Kent.

A new relaxing, minimalist, safe courtyard garden, with an apple tree at the centre, an ‘S’-shaped bench, outdoor chalkboard and woodland planting